Things are as bad as they have ever been

In support of last weeks letter I feel I have to contribute.

I have been a resident of Pilsley for over 15 years and have never known the situation to be as bad as it is now.

Maybe the fact that the teenagers have been wandering the streets from a very young age,their parents not knowing or caring where they are or what they are doing hasn’t helped,

A short while ago we had the first residents’ meeting with the local PCSO and councillers.

As many teenagers as adults turned up (I understand this was to help build bridges)but only a few days later residents put out their wheely bins ready to be emptied the following morning only to have them tipped over later that night.

Local residents and police know who the problem teenagers are and in most cases their parents are no better.

I have two kids who will become teenagers in the next few years and although they are no angels (nobody’s kids are) they know right from wrong and when they are older they will be at home at a reasonable time and not wondering the streets until the early hours.

The anti social behavior order did have some effect but that ended at the end of July and now look where things are going.

Maybe the residents who had their bin tipped over should find out (if they don’t already know) who was responsible and go and empty the contents of their wheely bins all over the gardens of the parents of the kids responsible.

If nothing is done by the local authorities soon Pilsley residents will take matters into their own hands.