There is no need for this huge estate

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Firstly, let me say I am not one of the ‘not in my back yard’ people, but I believe Britain cannot afford to waste any more virgin farmland for housing, as recent increases in world food prices are proving.

I want to make as many people aware as possible of Bolsover council plans to build up to 1,000 new homes in Bolsover, on an unspoilt green field site between Oxcroft Lane and Marlpit Lane, as well as 2,000 more elsewhere in the district.

Although central government have revoked their insistence on all local authorities building new homes, Bolsover seems to have stuck with the idea – one they originally blamed on central Government.

There doesn’t seem a need for additional housing here when one takes into account the number of sites in the area that have been fully built and not sold, ie, Shuttlewood Cross Roads, built approximately four years ago and all empty, or started and abandoned, ie, opposite New Bolsover.

They seem to believe that new people will support the local shops and reinvigorate the town centre rather than jumping in their cars and shopping out of the area or shopping on their way to and from work, which has to be out of Bolsover – as there is no work to be had here.

Although a small scale employment area is to be provided, note the uptake on the Markham site.

I have been told that wildlife corridors are going to be built, but the barn owls and other rare wildlife that inhabit the area can not live in corridors alone.

There is simply no need for this huge estate which will swathe countless areas under tarmac and concrete.

How many houses are boarded up, both in this area and nationally?

If anyone feels strongly and has points to make please write to James Arnold, head of planning and environment, Sherwood Lodge, Bolsover S44 6NF, before March 25.