The speed of light?

I HAVE the pleasure of working at the Royal Hospital so I knew the traffic lights leading in and out of the hospital were being renewed.

My mum had a pre-assessment appointment on October 10, for her to have a cataract removed, at a later date. It meant her having eye drops in both eyes, which would affect her vision, so I said I would take her home at the end of her appointment

I left my Mum at the pick-up point as I had parked in the staff car park by Scarsdale Wing. It’s quite a walk from the main entrance to there, when you’re elderly.

I couldn’t believe, what should have been a two minute journey to pick her up and reach the temporary lights, took one hour!

When we passed the traffic lights there weren’t any workmen to be seen, surprise, surprise!

I understand the horrendous disruption, is probably going to take five weeks. Good luck out patient departments!

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