The day hero Dick hit our rivals for six

Dick Suttle with bat, 1984
Dick Suttle with bat, 1984

MANY years ago Dick played a couple of seasons with me for Chesterfield Transport Cricket team in the local works league.

My greatest memory of him was when we played against the DHHS team at Duckmanton Lodge. They were a pretty strong team and were romping along to what looked like a very convincing win.

We lost our 9th wicket and with Transport requiring 36 runs off the last over, Dick was the last man in, he got ready and began to walk to the middle, after two or three strides he turned to us and said I’M GOING FOR IT in his usual Caribbean drawl.

Dick took guard, looked around at the fielders and prepared to play, the first ball came down which was dispatched into the cornfield for six, as were the second, third, fourth and fifth deliveries.

It was very obvious to us on the sidelines that the opposition were very concerned by now and they had a conference before the last ball was bowled. They decided to place every fielder on the boundary.

The bowler strode back to his mark and Dick got ready, the final ball was bowled and with one mighty crack the ball sailed over the field and into the cornfield.

Six sixes from one over and victory for Transport from an impossible position.

Thanks for that and many other memories Richard Suttle R.I.P.

From a friend and fellow cricketer.

Peter Milnes