Tesco chased out of town: This is not the end of it

I am writing to thank all those residents of Ashgate, Loundsley Green, Holme Hall and Brampton who support us in our fight to save the Crispin Inn from the clutches of Tesco.

Monday 5th August saw our second sitting at Chesterfield planning committee in our attempt to object to the plans to turn the Crispin Inn into a Tesco Express.

173 letters of well worded opposition from the local community were submitted to the planning committee.

Aided by this support and allied with sound reasoning from four of the ‘Save The Crispin’ group that spoke on the day, the planning applications by Tesco were turned down by the planning committee.

This, at the very least, will result in an inconvenient delay to Tesco’s determined plans to desecrate our wider community and a much-loved community pub.

We are under no illusions that this is the end, but wanted to thank the community for standing tall to protect the importance of localism, community spirit and fighting hard to ensure our local community pub can continue to serve its appreciative local audience.

We will continue to campaign to prevent our pub becoming another convenience store, and we continue to appreciate your local support.

Sarah Butt

Save The Crispin Campaign