Taken for a ride over ‘Megan’s’ fake tenner

I’m a private hire driver, working for Club, in Chesterfield.

Very early on Sunday morning I was sent to collect “Megan” from an address on Ormsby Road, Peveril, which turned out to be the flats at the end of the road.

After waiting a few minutes, a young couple emerged from the shadows and got into the back of the car.

They both reeked of cannabis, which is not that unusual sadly, and asked to be taken to Mill Lane, Barlow.

On arriving at their destination they offered a very crumpled £10 note for the £9 fare, and I gave them their change. They then melted away into the darkness.

While counting my takings later on Sunday I checked the very crumpled note they had given me – it was a clear fake, easy to see in daylight but not in the darkness.

So this is a warning to other taxi and private hire drivers, and anyone else who accepts cash payment for goods or services.

There are low-lifes out there more than willing to cheat you out of what is due to you – please keep a careful eye on all notes that you are offered.

One final point for “Megan”, or whatever your name really is, next time you go to your dealer to buy cannabis, try offering him a fake £10 note and see where it gets you.

Jim Brookbank

By email