Take great pride in hospital and staff

AFTER reading a letter published February 24, headed “Clean the corridors”, I feel that I should give my point of view on the cleanliness of the Royal Hospital. My wife was admitted on the November 24, suffering from a heart attack; from this date I visited every day for the next two weeks, most times during my visits I saw the domestics cleaning and buffing the corridors, cleaning on the wards, the infection control team in action trying to keep down the threat of infection.

After the new year I have taken my wife twice a week, for the past seven weeks, and the hospital this lady is describing in my opinion is not the Royal that I know All the staff at the Royal try their utmost to keep the threat of infection down, this is a thankless task at times due to the number of day visitors and patients attending the hospital. People are all too quick to pull the hospital down, but the staff do their best sometimes under severe pressure and stress to do their jobs to the best of their ability. What we have to remember is that the Royal Hospital is part of our community, and the Royal Hospital in my opinion is a community hospital, and we should be proud of it and the staff who work in it.