Support the demolition - it’s for the best

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Thank you David Fox (Newbold) for your letter (‘In favour of Manor scheme’, Times talk, September 15).

At last some sound common sense has been expressed concerning the development of the Manor College site (right).

I too am a patient of Avondale Surgery, and I object to arriving at the surgery to be asked to sign yet another petition, because someone knows better and there is a problem. The staff at Avondale work tirelessly to provide an excellent service.

Their time is precious for the benefit of the patients, yet the petitioners are essential and support is urgently required to ensure that the development goes ahead.

As a patient, I was present at the cabinet meeting, and I was proud to witness true democracy in action, when the process followed was challenged.

However, the delay continues, I appeal to patients, neighbours, friends of Avondale surgery and the wonderful people of Chesterfield, to support the demolition of Manor College and the provision of a new medical centre to replace Avondale Surgery for the benefit of 11,000 patients and the staff who wish to provide more services to them.

Please write to the borough council, the planning department and our local MP, we need your support.

Mary Carroll