Strike? Just get working

The average starting pay for teachers is approx. £21,000 with a nice little pension at the end of it.

For that they go in a nice class room and have nice coffee breaks in the staff room.

Have they thought of all those men and women who risk their lives on the front line in Afghanistan, who’s basic average wage for being there is only £17,000?

My advice is this, just get on with the job because (some striking last week) are on a dam site more than these brave individuals. Some who don’t make retirement age as they are killed doing their job.

I wonder if all the parents who are to lose money because of their selfish action was to pass the bill on to the unions, if they would pay up, because at the end of the day it’s not for the children they are doing it, it’s because of their own personal financial gain. Good job the soldiers on the front line don’t think like they do.

And as for Unison, did they act like this when their party chancellor Gordon Brown dived in the pension fund to the tune of billions. Hmm, after all I have said let’s think of the brave individuals who just get on with the job in front of them, and just grateful they get back home alive.

Paul Mann