Stealth over gasification

With reference to JA Webster’s comments regarding the proposed gasification plant on Bridge Street, Clay Cross, I too attended the open day organised by Kedco Plc and was also very surprised by the poor turnout.

I can only draw the conclusion that stealth has become the tactic of choice by the proposers of this ludicrous scheme to construct a plant that uses little known technology and has even less known consequences to the health of local residents, slap-bang in the middle of the Silkston project, which aims to build at least 70 new homes on the old Biwater site, to add to the 100-plus homes at Stephensons Place, which is an ongoing development.

The representatives of Kedco were very polite but only focused on the positives, namely that their process was ‘as green as it gets’.

Why do companies like Kedco persist in choosing sites so close to residential areas?

Fear of the unknown is by no means a bad thing, and I’m sure potential buyers at both Silkston and Stephensons Place will agree.

Mark Wright

Clay Cross