Station a disgrace

Through my employment I have travelled on trains for some years and I have to say that out of all the stations I have seen Chesterfield’s is an absolute disgrace.

Let’s remember that the exterior of the station and immediately outside is the first thing visitors to the town experience. Compared to other towns and cities (Sheffield springs to mind) the littered and weed ravished hedges and walkways are appalling.

It would cost very little time and money to clean up the area and make the area more cosmetically appealing. When you consider some of the quests the council waste taxpayers money on, I don’t think it is a lot to ask when it its a main artery into the town.

Many local and national schemes even provide free trees and shrubbery etc, and I’m sure the litter issue is something that the community payback scheme could pick up! It has been like this years.

Perhaps the council could reduce the thousands of bedding plants they stick around their ivory tower that is the town hall and contribute the saving to regenerating this baron area?

Mr Callum Phoenix