Speeding menaces

I WOULD like to raise awareness of the speed of vehicles that are travelling down Hallowes Lane, Dronfield. Vehicles are travelling way over the 30mph speed limit, going up to 50mph. This, I believe, will end in disaster sooner or later.

Hallowes Lane is a narrow road, one side of it doesn’t even have a footpath. Every day I see children walking to school down Hallowes Lane. There is a lollipop lady to assist children crossing but this is very little help when people are already going at ridiculous speeds.

This problem is also causing trouble for me and many of my neighbours when it comes to getting our vehicles off the drive.

Cars aren’t the only problem, buses and also trucks are travelling at such speeds down this road, many times I look out of my window and shriek in fear that an accident is about to happen, because that is how bad it is.

I firmly believe that an accident is waiting to happen and it will almost definitely end with somebody seriously injured or killed.

I am writing this letter because I believe that something needs to be done, please!