So, how will we pay for it?

I HAVE read the new Labour leader of Chesterfield’s comments and it seems to me that he is promising the world but he does not say how he is going to pay for it.

All the things he says he will cut back on all need to be paid for and that will be by the taxpayer unless he has a magic system.

I do hope we are not going back to the last time he was in charge where we had leisure centres in Staveley which were so bad on repair and neglect they were in a dangerous state.

And as for cold weather, it was he who handed highways to DCC.

There is, in my mind, only two ways to pay for operational cutbacks (which is a posh word for job cuts) - cuts to services or a larger increase in council tax - or is he going to sell off more silver just like the last time his group was in power?

Just remember the last administration gave us all new mod cons with low council tax which was all still owned by the public - and the public had a say.

I, for one, will be watching to see what he pulls out of his magic hat - or is it just words?


(ex councillor)