Slog in the Snowfall

REGARDING your article ‘council seeks help of farmers’ in relation to clearing roads of snow.

In light of the Government’s ‘big society’ vision, I hear it rumoured that this plan might be extended to other members of the public.

Last winter, residents in our close were marooned for well over a week and supplies started to run out.

We relied on the more able to trudge and buty locally. Then we had had enough.

A group of us - all pensioners - cleared the slope at the end of the close in the hope that at lesast one of us could ‘escape’. We contacted the council and asked for some grit which we could then collect and which we would spread ourselves. We were told that this was not allowed.

The resuklt was then a large sloping road which froze and became a lethal skid patch, and so we were marooned yet again.

Now it is mooted that we might be asked to co-operate in future harsh winters - forget it!