Signs of a problem in Clay Cross

I agree entirely with J. Goulds letter of June 2, regarding the bypass in Clay Cross - all I can say is “What a mess.”

One big mistake is the total lack of local signs. There should be black and white signs alongside the existing signs showing Superstore for Tesco, and town centre and free parking for Clay Cross, making it much easier for non locals to find their way. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve given directions to the Tesco store from Market Street, and I know other people have to do every day.

Coming in from Alfreton, this is the worst sign, in the middle, the old sign for the M1 should now read town centre and parking and at the top right Superstore plus M1 - talk about the road to nowhere.

At the roundabout, again no mention of superstore and nothing about town centre.

Eyre Street - this used to be the only access road to the M1, and quite rightly this was taken down, but surely this should have been replaced with a big sign showing the main entrance to Clay Cross?

This certainly must be the worst offender, we know its the new bypass, but why no sign to show Tesco, after all, they have financed most of this improvement and are getting no recognition at this main junction coming from the M1.

At the same junction on lower Market Street, there should be the sign for town centre and free parking. This will stop all the shoppers and delivery men from chasing up into Clay Cross trying to find a road across to the right to Tescos. Satnavs are the chief offenders they show Bridge Street as a through road, as does the flyer Tesco sent out to everyone, its a rubbish map anyway, I’ve lost track of how many cars I’ve seen coming along Bridge Street, and driving right through the new bus station the wrong way.

I wonder how may people have heard of the plans to restrict upper Market Street to local traffic only? No through traffic except for buses, cycles, local deliveries and holders of blue disability cards. Very commendable in some ways, but, what happens to all the rest of the traffic coming up Market Street? Well, this was being reviewed in six months time, this was last November and nothing has been heard.

The above information was from an open day last year at the social centre regarding the future of the old junior school area. My suggestion was to drop a bomb on Clay Cross and start again, which was met with the answer that there wasn’t much wrong with the town, it will be sorted out.

Well the first thing I would suggest is open up Bridge Street to two way traffic again, thus stopping all the frustrated of trying to get out of Market Street onto High Street, and sort these road signs out.

Clay Cross is fast becoming a ghost town, not just because of Tesco, but a lack of common sense.

Mr D. Banks