Show gratitude to benefactor

ndet 95948  C P Markham's grave at Staveley cemetery
ndet 95948 C P Markham's grave at Staveley cemetery

I have to applaud the comments of Mr Evans’ letter (Times Talk, Feb 16) with regards to the disgraceful state of Charles Paxton Markham’s grave area in Staveley cemetery.

This man gave so much for the benefit of both the town folk of Chesterfield and hundreds of individuals who he helped to make their lives more tolerable, by providing jobs, housing, security and an income to support their family for over half a century.

There is no other benefactor in my opinion, who did so much for so many in relatively less time during the early part of the 20th century.

However, the point of my letter in response to Mr Evans’ letter, is to inform him and your readers that I have for the past six months been in correspondence with the Chesterfield Borough Council, who with the agreement of Mr Toby Markham of the Markham family, has given consent for the whole memorial site at Staveley, to be considered for a makeover some time this year.

But, for this to be considered as a reality, we need financial support, not only from the council and the Markham family, but the general public as well.

I have obtained estimates from two stonemasons to re-align the marble edgings around the grave area and to jet clean the cavalry cross and repaint the iron railing and finish off by laying coloured glass chippings over the whole site, but this work comes at a cost of around £2,450 to £2,950.

It is not a fortune in today’s standards, but nevertheless it would be nice if people of Chesterfield showed a gesture of gratitude by giving £1 which would easily resolve the financial burden of restoring the site at Staveley.

C.P. Markham gave up his ancestral home to the town folk of Chesterfield, to enjoy in perpetuity - would you give you your home to the council? I think not.

Ninety years after his death, let’s thank him in death for the work he tirelessly gave in life.