Should the disabled park free of charge?

I READ with interest that the new leader of the council in Chesterfield is to make one of his priorities to slash the charges for disabled car parking.

I recall that I first suggested charging disabled people to park a few years ago at one of the annual council tax meetings. I was informed then, that 25% of the parking spaces in Chesterfield were allocated to disabled people, and at that time they parked free of charge. The other 75% were paying heavily for this anomaly. I also saw this as a huge loss of revenue when finances were tight.

My reasoning behind my suggestion was that it was folly to presume that all blue badge holders were on the breadline, and not able to afford any charge for parking. But in reality, anyone who has the misfortune to be disabled can apply for a blue badge, from unemployed people right through to millionaires. So why should they have free parking. What blue badge holders require is ample parking close to all amenities. That should be the council’s priority.

It is their disability which needs assistance, not their finances.