Shocking attack on pet dog in the park

I AM a dog owner who enjoys walking my dogs at Holmebrook Valley Park, Newbold, every day.

Whilst on my walk today I noticed a sign put up from a woman thanking an elderly gentlemen for helping her carry her dead Yorkshire terrier to her car.

Her dog had just been killed in front of her by an Akita.

What is more shocking is the Akitas owner’s attitude towards what had happened.

He showed no remorse, did not apologise but became verbally abusive to her and walked off.

I’m sorry but a cruel individual of this nature should not be allowed to keep pets.

He should be accountable for his disgusting and appalling behavior.

Now unfortunately every dog owner walking around Holmebrook Valley Park is worried in case they bump into him and his dog.

Every Akita owner will be passed with caution - and this is unfair.

This is not about Akitas as a breed. - I love all breeds of dog.

This is about an owner that obviously encourages his powerful breed of dog to be aggressive.

Most breeds if attacked by this dog do not stand a chance, especially a Yorkshire terrier.

The sad thing is, apparently some people know who this man is but as far as I know he isn’t being prosecuted.

The lady it happened to has put some flowers in the park at the site where her dog was killed.

It was killed two days before its 20th birthday!

We have a right for our dogs to be protected from this type of individual. We need dog owners to be responsible and accountable for their dog’s actions this is an incident that should not be left just to happen again.

My thoughts go out to this woman who had to watch her beloved pet killed in front of her eyes.



l Editor’s note: We would be keen to speak to the owner whose dog was attacked. Please contact us at the addresses/numbers above.