Shameful owners

Having a Yorkshire terrier myself, my heart goes out to the lady who lost her dog. Recently a man was stood holding his daughter’s Pomeranian dog on its leash. He was in conversation when a young woman came towards him struggling with a Staffordshire bull terrier. Without warning it was away and it struck once - the little pom was dead.

The people who had the Staffy had only had the dog 3 days. It was a mature dog and they were told it was a good dog. They also had three young children. How can people be so stupid.

Last night I went for a walk with my Yorky and suddenly all hell broke loose, a man had let his three dogs out and they came for my dog. Reading, reading your paper I was aware of what I may encounter and I carry my walking stick to protect my dog. It was however very frightening, and I told the man I was going to report him.

‘Do what tha wants’ I got back, and ‘what are tha guna do abart it.’ That’s is easy, I am going to see he gets an ASBO and if his dog comes again, I want him and his dogs out of harm’s way.