Self-interest is not the same as best-interest

I write to enlighten your readers as to what is happening in Bolsover.

There is a world of difference between BEST-interest and SELF-interest, as Bolsover District Council have yet to discover, it seems.

Self-interest is what they have, as highlighted in the current issue of ‘Private Eye’ magazine; “Bolsover councillors pay themselves more than £10,000 a year for telling people how to cope with cuts”, it states, “the average basic allowance being £5,354” (in councils nationally).

Best-interest is entirely different; it is about taking the BEST option for the community. It’s about SERVING the people who elected you in the first place. It’s about working in local government to achieve good changes.

Unfortunately they don’t seem able to see this at all.

Best-interest is not about creating 200 jobs at a town centre Morrison’s while destroying the town centre businesses nearby, losing more than 200. It isn’t about off-loading a council office because you have no imagination of what else you can do with it. It isn’t about the easy way out. That’s self-interest, councillors.

Best-interest is giving something to the people you represent; the leisure centre idea is superb. No need to destroy a nearly new building, just redesign the interior.

The creation of jobs won’t compete with the town but would enhance it.

Redevelop the land on either the old Coalite site or at Markham Vale for a larger than planned Morrison’s with lovely car parking and no access problems, and a nice petrol station.

As that company like to be perceived as community oriented, I’m sure they’d like to help with the cost of the leisure facilities at Sherwood Lodge and create skateboard/motocross facilities on land near the council tip.

A shopping opportunity is NOT best-interest; it doesn’t improve quality of life. Changes to facilities you GIVE people are BEST interest.

Each councillor has over 10,000 reasons to show BEST-interest counts.

Rev T Miles