Seeing red over green bin waste

My 92-year-old father in law was recently left a card through his door stating he had put non-garden waste in his green bin.

The card stated that when the offending waste was removed the bin would be emptied on the next scheduled collection day.

There was no explanation as to what the offending waste was until I received a reply to a complaint made to Bolsover District Council.

The offending waste was cauliflower leaves and vegetable peelings.

I explained that as cauliflowers and vegetable peeling were in fact garden waste they should go in the green bin.

I was told that peelings and vegetable waste would contaminate the land fill the green bin waste would be emptied into!

When the green bin system was introduced everyone was under the impression that the waste would be composted, so why do we have them?

Black bins are emptied into landfill so all so called garden waste could be placed in there.

Very disgruntled parishioner trying to do his bit for the environment.