Seeing red over green bin decision

I am emailing to express my annoyance at the changes to green bin collections this year.

I understand that the green bin collections were suspended due to the perceived reduction in use due to the change in weather.

However, I have rabbits, which continue to require cleaning out every week.

As a result my green bin has been full since November!

I have had no alternative than to put recyclable material in my black bin, which unfortunately will end up straight in a landfill.

As someone who actually cares about the environment, and recycles as much as possible, this is clearly not good enough.

My garden is now also waking up - I have a black bin now half full of grass cuttings, and I want to cut back some bushes.

I couldn’t do any more because if I had my black bin would also have been full, and that’s not due to be emptied until next week!

I think that a consultation should have occurred.

I fully understand the cost saving that was made by reducing the number of collections, however, I think moving to a monthly collection would have been much more appropriate than just deciding not to make any collections for sixmonths!

I trust that you will reconsider this policy for next year, and that some sort of common sense will prevail.