Scrap your glass palace: This is not London!

THE plans for the new Chesterfield Sports Centre are typical of the fascination for line and style, but are they functional?

This is Chesterfield, not London. It’s supposed to be a sports centre, not some sort of palace, or summer residence for Chesterfield Borough Council meetings.

The quirky names for the facilities are laughable: ‘wet changing village’? ‘Fitness Suite’? It’s not the Ritz!

Please, Chesterfield Borough Council members, forget the expensive plans for your Glass Palace and just upgrade the current Annexe facilities – saving expense and anxiety. Hopefully then this will encourage former users to return to the annexe once again, as it will be a useful area for sporting endeavour.

We in Boythorpe prefer to see green grass, not glittering glass.

Ann and Alan Plater