Save village from yet another Tesco store

I live in Old Whittington, and last week I had a letter posted through my door telling me that the White Horse public house is going to become a Tesco Express.

What about the increase in traffic, obtrusive signage, and disturbance that will entail?

It’s not like we have a shortage of local shops around here. There is already a good mix of convenience, with a specialist butcher, greengrocer, delicatessen and bakery shops in Old and New Whittington.

And it’s not like we have a shortage of Tesco shops in Chesterfield. They seem to be intent on taking over the whole town!

One of the nice things about Chesterfield is the variety of retail outlets here, but the relentless march of this supermarket chain puts that variety at great risk.

I was shocked to discover that Tesco can take over the White Horse without making a planning application.

So a fundamental change to the character of our village can be made without local residents having any democratic say in it.

That seems fundamentally wrong to me. I wonder what other readers think?

Steve Lismore

Old Whittington