Save our setts

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Concerning your article in the Beverley guardian, thank you for keeping the community up to date on this important matter.

I find the council’s suggestion that the setts may be kept for future use laughable, does Coun Fraser truly think we are stupid? Why would the ERYC set aside the setts for future use if they cannot afford to relay them now on a prepared sub base?

Relaying them elsewhere would cost even more as that road surface would require scrabbling up. Furthermore the market is a very low speed surface, I hesitate to call it a road. So where exactly do they think they might be re-used and when?

The ERYC will never reuse the setts. Even if Coun Fraser believes what he is being told this is a diversionary tactic. Please do not let this matter rest. Save our setts, the cost to relay them may be marginally more but this is a matter of heritage.

Too many second rate decisions have been made of late; the Wednesday Market debacle where cars routinely park where they want.

That scheme could have provided one of the finest little piazzas - yet it is a poor compromise. The Jubilee Gardens! That scheme would have failed a first year landscape student. The ripping up of the Yorkstone from Railway Street and its replacement with the cheapest ubiquitous material available, this to the main route into town from the railway station.

What is happening in this town, expose this shambles for what it is? We must not let officers blind arrogance overrule the view of the residents.

John Balman, Architect.