Save our car boot sale

MY partner and I are weekly visitors to Chesterfield car boot and have been appalled at it’s demise over the last few months.

This week the site was only quarter full (see picture) with two hot food vans which were doing nothing.

Chesterfield Council has let this situation continue, saying that when the out- of-town car boots close for winter things will pick up - wrong!

The hot food vans who pay exorbitant site rates will never recoup their income lost over the summer months.

All that hard work, sourcing and stocking the vans on Saturday and getting up at the crack of dawn on Sunday, all for next to nothing, not even taking enough to pay to cover the site fees.

Similarly the ‘booters’ are paying far more for a pitch than at the out of town sites and with very few customers, must also be out of pocket.

The other thing adding to it’s demise is the lack of parking.

We have a blue badge and parked outside Poundstrecher at 7.50am but forgot to change the time on our card.

We received a parking ticket.

Now who in their right mind came up with this ludicrous idea?

It’s hardly like brands hatch at that time on a Sunday. Also, the car park, now three quarters empty, had bollards across the entrance stopping prospective customers parking in the space left, and five men in yellow coats hanging about to make sure no one did get in - crazy!

It’s high time the council took stock of the situation before the car boot is lost forever - or perhaps that’s the intention - perhaps they’re making up the shortfall in car parking fines?

Mrs C. Taylor