Save our £2m

The council has advised me Chesterfield Market hall is dated. It IS a listed building, isn’t it?!

This is apparently why footfall has declined and half the units are empty - not because the rents are too high then?

We’re told that doing nothing is not an option and refurbishment will create a modern and attractive shopping environment and increase footfall. But will it?

We already have The Pavements arcade in which units are regularly rented and vacated.

The council says it has consulted extensively on this project, with public exhibitions showing ‘overwhelming support’.

People who have signed a petition against the planned changes have never heard of these - maybe they weren’t in town on these days.

We’re told the market horse has to go - it is of no use as it can’t collect rubbish.

We would rather pay council tax for the horse than £2m for the extended market hall - something we neither want or need.

Council tax is going up to pay for this wasteful, unnecessary extension.

More support is needed to save our £2m - there is a website to lodge your complaints at


Newbold Road