Sadness over cinema’s fate

I WAS saddened to read about the closure of the Regal Cinema, in Staveley (Derbyshire Times, January 6).

I used to go there regularly when I was a student living in Hollingwood in the late 60s, when it showed classic films as well as new releases.

One of the last films I saw there was a beautiful black and white Italian version of the Matthew Passion.

When the film started there were three of us in the balcony. By the time it ended the other two had gone leaving me, the projectionist and two usherettes. Shortly after this the cinema closed!

I congratulate Trevor and Anthony Harris on their efforts to restore the Regal. I am sorry the venture failed, but in the light of my own experience, not surprised. Times have changed since Staveley supported two cinemas, the other being the Empire on a site opposite the present Methodist Church.


Gosforth Crescent, Dronfield