Royal wedding cost more than the strike

YOUR review of April 2011 reports “Derbyshire residents marked the marriage of Royal couple William and Kate.

“The whole country enjoyed a day off work” (apart from public sector workers in the NHS, emergency services and others who have to keep working even when banks and businesses are closed).

In November you report the public sector workers strike over pensions “cost the Derbyshire economy an estimated £7million, according to business leaders.”

According to the employers’ organisation, the Confederation of British Industry, an extra Bank Holiday would cost the economy £6billion. (We’re getting another one this year for the Diamond Jubilee.)

Using the same formula as the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber of Trade (who gave the £7million cost for November 30th) the Royal Wedding cost Derbyshire £81.6million.

Why didn’t “business leaders” complain about that?

Partly because their figure for the strike cost is rubbish, based on distorted government figures that don’t even include the ‘saving’ to the public purse of two-million strikers not being paid for the day.

But mainly these “business leaders” defend the system that has robbed most private sector workers of decent pensions, boosting profits.

The government wants to drive us all to the bottom.

If public sector workers defend their pensions, it would encourage private sector workers to fight to defend theirs. That’s what worries the bosses!

Trade unions must step up the fight for Fair Pensions for All – both public and private.

Another national one-day strike is needed to pressure the government - on a bigger scale than November 30th.

Jon Dale

Socialist Party