Robey seeks engine info

I am a research assistant for the Robey Trust, a registered charity run by enthusiastic volunteers, in Devon.

I have been researching the Pearson family’s various potteries as the Trust has restored a Robey fixed engine that was supplied to Pearsons new in 1892.

Information has come to light that it was supplied to Pearsons, at Whittington Moor. The most likely place was the Sheffield Road site. This site is proving extremely hard to place.

The Sheffield Road premises were last used by Pearsons in 1947. The steam engine was removed in 1972 and came to the Trust in October 2003. The building was later demolished and replaced by a car showroom.

While I appreciate we are talking about 40 years ago, I wonder if any of your readers can help with information.

The location of the Sheffield Road pottery is the most important. Information about the Robey engine would be a bonus.

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Edmund Hobby

Robey Trust