Roadworks - but no sign of the workers!

I FELT I needed to contact you about a nuisance which I am sure your readers will agree with. I refer to the road works on Newbold Road and on Dunston estate.

I drove past this week at about 10.30am.

The weather was dry and cloudy sun, with little or no wind. I would be the first to acknowledge that workers need a break but there was no sign of any workmen taking a break or otherwise in the vicinity of Newbold Road. My second instance will make this even clearer. The roads in Derbyshire must be among the worst in the country and have been for a long time. Not all of this can be put down to the last two severe winters we have had.

The roads in Dunston have very bad surfaces making driving very hazardous on the wear and tear of vehicles. There is no doubt that these roads were in urgent need of repair. So what happens? Contractors come along taking the top layers off the roads (Cobner Drive and Cordwell Avenue) leaving raised iron works. This leaves them in a worse condition than before the “repairs” were started.

I have driven on these roads on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, July 25, 26, 27, and did not find one of these areas being worked on. Again the weather was dry, not excessively hot and free from wind, in other words ideal working conditions. There was no sign of the contractors being employed to resurface these areas.

Why did they take the top surfaces off if they were not going to complete the job straight away? Wouldn’t it have made more sense to start and finish one small area rather than leave a large area in this dangerous condition?

There are areas of Cobnar Drive where work has been completed and now instead of potholes we have raised road surfaces where the works have been overfilled with tar.I am sure that in the past there have been penalty clauses in contracts when work wasn’t completed in the scheduled time. It appears that these penalties have now been abandoned.

David Fox