Road planners need to be more receptive

Your article on January 19 reported the problems caused by the new road layout and lights at Hasland.

As a consultee on highways matters, we were informed of these proposed works. I was unable to obtain any detailed explanation for the reason behind the proposal, with the exception that there had been “numerous damage only incidents”. This means vehicles hitting each other, so vehicles were the problem and not pedestrians.

I spent some time at that intersection and all I saw were pedestrians being able to cross roads with little problem and vehicles rarely having to stop, and then only for a few seconds if pedestrians were crossing. I asked a number of pedestrians if they ever had problems with it and they all said “no”.

I claim no special knowledge of highways design. Our charity organisation does collect and disseminate details of good practice from around the UK, Europe and the world. It might be helpful if our highways department was more receptive to new ways of dealing with ever increasing car use that helps rather than hinders all road users.

Charles Brown