Recycling collections as advertised please

My burgundy recycling bin was supposed to be emptied on Wednesday, January 4, but according to the date sheet provided by NEDDC, it would be collected on the following day Thursday, 5, due to the bank holiday.

There were huge gales on the Wednesday evening/Thursday daytime, so there was cardboard and smashed bottles and cans all over.

I put my bin out Thursday morning but placed it sensibly to try and avoid my rubbish adding to the ever growing amount around the streets. I left my bin out from 7am until 6pm and there was no collection. There have been no catch up collections, so I was stuck with a bin full to the top for two weeks.

I am furious about this, its an absolute joke, its hardly encouraging recycling. I have since had to go to Chesterfield refuse amenity site at Stonegravels to dispose of a lot of cardboard.

How much of my council tax goes to the Borough for refuse collections? I’d like mine refunded to cover my time and fuel costs to do their job.

They should stick to the refuse collection guide they provided not leave us wondering “will they collect or won’t they?”

Mrs Wickham