Quit-smoking money could be better spent

What a crazy and unacceptable idea.

It would appear that the more one goes against conformity and common sense the more finance and resources are expended upon you.

As with drugs and alcohol and many other areas which have expenditure directed towards them.

Many youngsters have children before they have any employment and as one pregnant teenager put it: “We have children today because they are more of a fashion accessory.”

Some years ago to have a child out of wedlock was frowned upon but today unmarried mums are provided with every amenity known to man (and woman) and while ever everything is provided this situation will only become worse.

When one looks at some of those who have three and four children and their available income and intelligence one has to wonder just what chance those children will have in life, far less than those who are breeding them into a hopeless life.

£750 could be spent on far better things. My wife and I managed to stop this drug habit many years ago through will-power.

R Oliver