Proper plan needed to recover from austerity

It’s a grim time for Derbyshire – 600 jobs and £25m cut from County Council.

This means cuts for social services for older and disabled people, cuts to children’s centres and cuts to youth clubs.

Let us be clear, painful cuts are the reality of the Government’s austerity agenda.

It is a choice they did not have to make. It is an agenda that leaves the vulnerable on their on whilst the bankers who caused the crisis reward themselves with another multi-billion bonus pool bonanza.

The Government insists cuts are necessary. This could not be more wrong.

These cuts are not only hurting communities they are hurting our economy.

The Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centre has seen a five-fold increase in the numbers coming through their doors struggling with the economic climate. And yet Derbyshire County Council has cut all their £34,000 funding. This is economics of the madhouse.

These are the services that can get our economy moving. We must escape this downward spiral

We need an achievable ten-year plan to bring the deficit down without choking growth, fair taxation including a permanent tax on bankers’ bonuses, a clampdown on tax havens and tax avoidance and a Robin Hood Tax on financial transactions.

We need a proper strategy for growth.

Rob Johnston

Midlands TUC regional secretary