Poor state of local roads

I would be very grateful if you would grant me right of reply to my critic, Patrick Bingham, Times Talk Thursday August 25 2011.

I assume Patrick was one of the men working on these road repairs.

My point about the road surface being overfilled was that this was as a result of previous road repairs not those being carr I accept that there were road surface signs and ramp signs but that does not excuse the practice of taking up 13 different areas of the road and leaving them untouched for days.

As for “temporary” I am sure there are a lot of your readers who would agree that when the repairs are carried out, the “temporary” road signs are slung in the hedge or left laying face down on the pavements.

I feel certain that a lot of motorists in the Dunston/Newbold area would be only too pleased to show Patrick the poor state of local roads in particular Kendal Road.

David Fox

By email