Policing in Pilsley

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Thankyou Inspector Shooter for your letter in the Derbyshire Times of September 8, giving reassurances about the policing in Pilsley village.

To give you an insight of the reality of today’s situation, this evening I stopped at the local off licence and chip shop.

The 15 plus youths drunk, fighting and generally displaying anti social behaviour that you would see on TV’s Road Wars programme made me stay in my car, too afraid to enter the shops.

I am, as you might guess, a frail and infirm 46-year-old not wanting to risk confrontation with these youths.

I am not willing to risk my family or myself by putting myself in a position in which your uniformed colleagues cannot protect me or my own.

I would contact you directly but you failed to add any contact details in your letter... was this an oversight in your haste to assure me that all is well in Pilsley per chance?

Name and address supplied