Police advised to form Neighbourhood Watch

I read with interest the report on the latest ‘police weapon’ by Jon Cooper (Derbyshire Times, February 9) and the crime incident map.

According to the article: ‘lt is hoped the map will keep residents better informed so they can address specific concerns with police and it should help police to be aware of problem areas and to focus their efforts’.

Looking at the map with its list of incidents I notice that New Beetwell Street, Chesterfield, comes out with 23 incidents.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I am aware our local constabularly divisional HQ is situated where? New Beetwell Street!

I hardly think this map is going to boost the morale of residents in problem areas in the rest of the borough.

It is from this same police HQ in New Beetwell Street that two bobbies are sent, now and again, to patrol problem areas on estates where anti-social behaviour may have occurred. Apparently ‘showing a police presence’ is conducive to reducing such incidents!

However - I do like to be constructive in my criticism.

So, may I suggest that the incumbents of New Beetwell Street form a Neighbourhood Watch group?

Failing that, maybe they could put out some of those cardboard cut-out figures of police officers at strategic points, as one sees in shopping malls and arcades.


Derby Road