‘Please read these tips for a happier Xmas’

AS I write, six weeks before Christmas, I have been running a temperature for more than two weeks, am in bed or up, not washed or dressed, only for essentials; the curtains are drawn against daylight; I feel sickly and nauseous; I cannot concentrate for any time, nor hold my head up to make conversation. My caring, supportive, doctor has nothing to offer but genuine sympathy and advice of taking paracetamol, water and rest. For those who say, when they see a person who suffers from M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) in the street, “You always seem all right when I see you,” this is what we are like, when unable to go out and when you don’t see us. I haven’t been across the doors for 25 consecutive days this month for anyone to see.

Here is some advice, (1) for anyone who loves or cares for someone with ME: ask them what would be best for them and then, unconditionally, unquestioningly, do as they request; (2) for any M.E. sufferer, unable to cope with Christmas: tell your relatives and friends the contents of, or show them, this letter; (3) for any M.E. sufferer unable to deal with, even bullied, by someone who doesn’t understand: Contact us and we will speak to them on your behalf.

Please take these tips for a happier Christmas for all.

Dr John H Greensmith

ME Community Trust.org