Please have some respect in our cemetery

ON December 13, I confronted a middle-aged woman who let her coffee-coloured terrier foul in Eckington Cemetery.

The woman, who showed me ‘mess’ bags in her pocket, said she did not have to pick up the mess as it was underneath a tree and no-one would stand on it.

A gentleman, who was visiting his daughter’s grave, overheard me confront the woman and he was disgusted.

I have informed the superintendent of the cemetery about the incident.

A lot of people walk dogs through the cemetery and some do not pick up the mess.

On a Sunday afternoon it is a free-for-all, with dog owners standing and talking while their dogs run free.

I would say to all dog owners, please have some respect and stay out of the cemetery.

There is nothing more distressing than visiting a loved one’s grave to find dog mess on it.

I would like to say to all people visiting their loved one’s graves, please take a photo on your phone or camera of these dogs and their owners and let’s name and shame them.

The dog owners can be fined £50 for letting their dogs foul in the cemetery.