Pleading for the market horse

I’m writing to plead the case for keeping the shire horse in Chesterfield Market.

It’s a great shame that the council is even contemplating getting rid of this role, because if the council could see a little bit further than the £ signs in front of their eyes, those people would realise that this shire horse is a unique attraction for Chesterfield and the fact that a lot of visitors come to Chesterfield so that their children can see the horse, turns this animal into an asset.

There is mention of jobs, but what about the horse’s handler, Sonny Thorpe – doesn’t he deserve a job – and let’s face it, he could be training a youngster to replace him when he retires (thus providing another job).

The way to attract stall holders would be to stop increasing the rent for the stalls!

However, back with the shire horse, – obviously it will be good for this horse to have it’s well-deserved freedom, but it should be replaced as in the past.

Chesterfield is a RURAL town and in rural areas you expect to find animals. The cost didn’t deter the council from having the cobbles relaid in the market place despite previously taking them all up due to them being dangerous when wet and people getting their feet stuck in between them.

I believe the cobbles were relaid to give Chesterfield a more rural “old-world” feeling, and this is also an argument for keeping the shire horse.

Hazel Wiltshier

By email