Picking up the dog mess problem

I read the “Dog mess... Pick it up” letter (Derbyshire Times, November 17) and would like to respond.

The path from the Casa Hotel running alongside the A61 to Hazelhurst Lane had been neglected and largely out of use.

Since the redevelopment of the Dema Glass works, the path has been reinstated and from your reader’s comments it is evident it is now being used – and abused!

Sadly, a minority still do not pick up after their dog and the Council continues to work with the community in tackling this anti-social act.

Specifically regarding this path, I am pleased to inform you that the Council has now installed two litter bins that can be used for both litter and dog waste. Signs advising people that fixed penalties will be issued to offenders have also been erected.

The path was mechanically swept and we will now monitor the area to ensure the bins are emptied at the appropriate frequency.

Just as your reader concluded, I also hope the guilty dog owners will take notice and pick up and bin it!

Cllr Christine Ludlow

Executive member for environment

Chesterfield Borough Council