Parks are for everyone

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We are constantly hearing from unhappy residents in Chesterfield and surrounding areas, about dog attacks and the constant problem of dog fouling on the borough’s public parks,

I would like to make everyone aware that there is a petition to legislate for compulsory dog leads in all Chesterfield public parks. Being a responsible dog owner for over twenty years I see the bigger picture, that all our public parks are for everyone to enjoy, safely and cleanly, especially after the recent dog attack in Chingford where an unfortunate girl was attacked by a dog running off the lead.

Our parks and footpaths are getting worse for dog fouling and there are so many dog owners that have no respect for other people using the parks.

Many respectful dog owners welcome change saying compulsory dog leads in borough parks and footpaths is long overdue!

With that in mind we look forward to hearing what other people think about the legislation in the letters page of the Derbyshire Times