Parking ticket may be scam operation

I parked on a Saturday in the new Asda car park at approx 12.45pm. I went back to my car at 2.05pm to find a parking ticket on it.

I opened the ticket to find I had ‘parked’ at 12.13pm and the ticket was issued at 2.20pm. I looked at my watch to find it was 2.05pm!

I went back into the store to speak with the manager, he was shocked and said that he had asked a company to ticket what he thought were football fans.

We went to see if we could find the parking ticket man, who by this time was nowhere to be seen.

Some staff had gone to their cars and found they had tickets too. The store manager rang the company, as I was asking for the police to come, as the made-up times were fraud – there is CCTV evidence of me walking in the store at 12.45pm.

On Monday, I telephoned Asda to tell them of my experience at their store.

Asda said they do not use the company in question and have never heard of this company – the plot thickens.

How may more shoppers were in Asda Chesterfield between noon and 2pm on Saturday and got a ticket?

This sounds like a scam to me. If you have a ticket, check it carefully before paying it.

I am now waiting for a reply by telephone from Asda. I wonder what the outcome will be.

Diane Williams