Parking rules are killing Chesterfield

I FEEL the council and the Parksmarter are killing Chesterfield, the stores and the market place.

I always go into Chesterfield after 4pm, and move my car from shop to shop. Being disabled, I cannot walk from car parks at Rose Hill and definitely not to the top of Soresby Street, where there are a few disabled places.

On August 14, I parked outside Primark, as there was a car outside M&S, as I wished to return a garment. I was only in a few minutes, as I emerged the Parksmarter man was just putting a ticket on my car. When I asked why, he said ‘new rule since last August.’ But I said why wasn’t it publicised? He showed me a very small yellow sign on the wall at M&S entrance and which from where I was parked, it wasn’t possible to see against the floral display and pale wall.

When I again challenged him he just said “appeal”. I did, to no avail, it was rejected even though I sent in photographs of the floral display masking the sign. I also said ‘well all the shops close at 4pm,’ he again said “appeal”.

I’m sure many people feel as I do.

Miss J. Parker

Loundsley Green