Parking: is there a plan?

I HAVE only recently seen your article regarding the development of the Donut roundabout in Chesterfield, and I’m sure the concern I have will be, or already has been, echoed by many.

Where is everyone going to park?

Chesterfield is not best supplied with parking as it is, and with extra people coming to the town the situation can only deteriorate.

No doubt the people who ultimately approve such plans will have it all sorted, and are planning a car park in the fields between Brampton and Holymoorside, from where they will bus everyone into town and back, at 20 or 30 pence a time.

This will, of course, show their usual scant regard for disabled motorists who disgustingly, at present, are charged for parking at the Donut.

Most disabled drivers use this car park because it is the most convenient for a lot of the major shops in Chesterfield.

When this piece of town disappears under the developers jackboot, I fear many will be put off coming, unless a good plan for parking is found.

M. Lindley

By email