Park’s gone off the rails: Open up the mini-railway

I would just like to pass comment on the miniature railway in Queen’s Park in Chesterfield.

My wife and I look after our two-year-old grandson on a regular basis, and one of our regular trips out is to Queens Park, Chesterfield.

The facilities are great for pre-school children, however, he is really keen to travel on the miniature railway around the water but every time we go during mid-week the train is not running.

This is a brilliant facility which must have cost a fortune to install at sometime, but it is never running during the week.

While we have been there numerous people have attended the miniature railway only to find it all shut up and nothing running. Surely during the run up to the school holidays this facility should be operating to attract pre-school children and other groups who visit this prestigious park in Chesterfield during term time?

If it is a finance issue then the park should increase the price of a ride slightly but during this lovely weather someone is missing a trick to earn money!

It is clear that every child who rides the train must have an accompanying adult who must pay to ride, too.

Child-minders, carers and nursery/playschool groups alike would love this facility to be running as it is a massive incentive to get young people outdoors and to interact with other people and children.

It is a way to encourage children out into the fresh air.

Why is the miniature railway not running midweek throughout May, June and July?

Could we have a campaign to get the miniature railway running during midweek in the summer months to help us to support a lovely facility which is presently under used.

Lets not let another Dr Beeching era fall on the Chesterfield Queens Park miniature railway.

Nigel Marsh

Via email