Owners, not dogs are the nuisance

REGARDING the letter in the Derbyshire Times of June 23 (‘Fear of walking in the park’) concerning the recent dog incident in Holmebrook Valley Park.

I have sympathy for the dog owner involved especially as I believe that her dog was on a lead at the time of the attack.

Only yesterday I heard of yet another incident when an alsation (off the lead) attacked another dog, on the owner’s lead.

The owner of the alsation showed no responsibility or remorse for her animals behaviour.

Too many dogs in the park are not on a lead and frequently seem to be of their owner’s control.

As a regular walker in the park I am heartily sick of being approached by these dogs on the loose and being subjected to their licking, nipping and a while ago, their biting.

All the owners seem to be able to do is tell me that their animals will not hurt me.

I do not want to know this as I try to bush all the unwanted dirt off my clothing and calm myself down, if the dog cannot be trained lot leave others alone when it is off the lead then it is out of control an should be restrained.

The same proportion of owners also seem to be proof of the increase in illiteracy and are unable to see the numerous notices around the lake, stating that dogs in this area should be on a lead. This together with the apparent non existence of a ranger does not make for a pleasant stress-free outing.

As usual, I expect that it will take a more serious incident than the latest in order for action to be taken.