Our youth club is an invaluable resource

As Hasland borough councillors we would like to condemn Derbyshire County Council’s proposed decision to cut the Youth Service Budget and to close all 29 Youth Clubs in Derbyshire including Hasland Youth Club.

Hasland Youth Club is used every night of the week both by the Youth Service and the voluntary sector.

It is an invaluable resource in Hasland and a place where young people of all ages come together for playgroups, Rainbows, Brownies, Cubs, Scouts etc and the Youth Clubs Mondays and Wednesdays, Girls Get Active Tuesdays and the Free Friday Night Football.

Derbyshire County Council are proposing that the voluntary sector will provide the services when the Youth Service is cut. This is a total misunderstanding of the nature of the voluntary sector. They want to work in partnership with the Youth Service not replace it, as Hasland Youth Club already does in co-operation.

This so called ‘Big Society’ empty idea put forward by the Conservative controlled Derbyshire County Council doesn’t have the backing of anyone who works with young people in Hasland. We urge them to rethink.




Hasland Ward