Our village is far from a dying community

Regarding the article by Rachel Hibbert published last week about Glapwell being a dying community, it is a load of rubbish.

For a small, clean and well maintained village we have pretty much all we need.

We are one mile from J 29 of the M1 and have a half hourly bus service between Chesterfield and Nottingham and a two-hourly bus service through Bolsover to Clowne We have a good garden centre, a football ground,a cricket ground, a village store and a post office come newsagent come grocery store.

We have the football club bar, open several nights a week as well as match days and The Young Vanish which is a pub and a restaurant.

We have on the green a doctors surgery and a children’s playground and the Glapwell Centre where there is among other things a luncheon club for the elderly.

We are only two miles from Hardwick Hall and park, a beautiful place with many country walks and trails and picnic areas in between.

People of Glapwell are pretty well shod, and we don’t have any boarded up properties.

We have reputable plumbers, builders and joiners among us as well as mobile hairdressers and ladies who do cleaning.

We have a memorial for Glapwell colliery and a peace garden which are both maintained by locals.

The photographs and report in last week’s Derbyshire Times don’t do the village justice.

I am sure if Rachel Hibbert reads this she will see Glapwell in a different light, a really good village to live in.


Glapwell resident